Farid's Rickshaw Ride Book

48 page illustrated picture book about a young boy in Bangladesh.

This is a 48 page picture book I illustrated about a small boy in Bangladesh and the Rickshaw driver he meets one day in the city. The book was written by the very talented Rowan Oberman and was created in conjunction with Trocaire. It was developed for use in schools as part of Trocaire’s “Education for a Just World” program. This was an unbelievably cool project to work on and I’m very pleased with the final published book.
Here’s what the story is about:
Farid is a 9 year old boy living in Bangladesh. His cousin is visiting from Ireland! In preparation, Farid journeys around Dhaka to collect flowers, fish and blankets. On the way the rickshaw driver shares some of his experiences which give insight into his life outside the city and prove helpful to Farid in his errands. But an accident brings home how quickly life can change – and a surprise visit shows Farid that there are other kinds of links between Ireland and Bangladesh.
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