Ink Dots Mandala Project

Collaborative artist project to create a giant mandala.

The inkdots mandala project was a collaborative effort with a group of artists and illustrators on an interesting mandala project. The project, organised by the wonderful Steve Dawson of Ink Dot Prints, involved making one large image created by 18 different artists. Each artist would contribute their piece without seeing what the other artists had done.
My piece of the mandala is shown below. Twenty small circles in a big circle.
So what to do with 20 circles? I decided that I would go for a pirate theme and use the circles for the basis of a series of salty sea dogs and their paraphernalia – grog, skull and cross bones and so on. Adding my illustrations to the pattern and it looked like this :
This is the final artwork with all twenty artists work in place. The posters were sold and profits raised tons of money for Kids Company, who provide practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children.
The full list of artists who took part were:
Catherine Whyte
Donough O’Malley
Fred Swist
Genevieve Browne
Hannah McVicar
June Goulding
Lee Worton
Maria Raymondsdotter
Paul Matson
Rob Martinique

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