Swords Castle Logo

An illustrated logo to encapsulate four archaology projects at Swords Castle

I was commissioned to design a logo for an archaeology project taking place at Swords Castle in north County Dublin. The project was broken into four sections, which were:
Digging History
Swords Archaeofest
My Castle
Story of the Stone
It was my job to create a logo which could encompass all of these ideas.
I started with some sketches.
The first strong idea to come from the sketches was this one - a sort of a watercolour image of the castle.
However, even though this logo was liked, we felt it needed something more graphic. Looking again at the castle, I redrew the castle gate in a more graphic illustration. From there, I established the font and layout that would allow me to use the icon with the name of the four different projects.
I gave each project it's own strong base colour. The final set of logos looked like this:
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